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Clarity, Order, Consistency, Intention
​We work synergistically with our clients' other professional service providers to maximize the collective quality of the services provided by all.

  • Accountants and Tax Professionals are presented with a well-organized tax preparation folder containing the specific documents and receipts they need to file the client's tax return efficiently and accurately.

  • Estate Attorneys are informed of events, transactions, and circumstances that affect their client's estate.  When requested, we can facilitate and assist in the mechanics of estate planning, restructuring, and settlement processes.   

  • Wealth Managers and Investment Advisors are supplied with the data they need to efficiently provide quality long-term investment strategy guidance. 

  • Insurance Agents are apprised of events that have an effect on a client's medical, home, auto, disability, life, and liability policies.  We ensure that premiums are paid in a timely manner to prevent against lapses in coverage or policy cancellations.

  • Guardians and Trustees benefit by having an independent, fully-vetted third-party monitor their ward's accounts, make payments, and prepare financial reports.  This frees the guardian or trustee up to focus on more complex matters while simultaneously providing them with the confidence that their ward's financial matters are being well-tended to.

  • Account Representatives: We collaborate with a client's bank, investment, and insurance representatives to ensure that all estate ownership and beneficiary information is up-to-date and accurate.  We monitor our client's accounts for unusual activity, providing an additional layer of surveillance against scams and fraud.  When discrepancies are identified, we work swiftly to address them.

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