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Daily Money Managers lift the day-to-day personal financial management burden of their clients by performing activities such as:

  • paying bills

  • tracking expenses

  • sorting mail 

  • organizing important financial, legal, and estate documents

  • monitoring credit card, bank account, and investment statements for accuracy and signs of unauthorized activity

  • resolving credit disputes

  • compiling relevant tax-related documents and receipts for client's tax preparer

  • helping to ensure that end-of-life and estate planning documents are up-to-date

  • tracking insurance claims

  • working with a client's professional advisors to ensure that they have the information they need to do their jobs

  • providing budgeting assistance 

  • serving as a liaison between clients and their loved ones

What Do Daily Money Managers Do?
Two women, sitting on the sofa with a paper receipt, are calculating expenses, managing th
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